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May 4-6 2012 Wiliam Irwin symposium./musicmaking

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Whoops, I see I have cut of one of William's l(eg)s in unchangeable title.


see attached programme.

Focus on fiddles but other instruments have their role. See Sunday morn.

Concert tickets on the door.

Carolyn Francis is gigging in Cockermouth during day Saturday. (She and her co-artists are multi instrumentalists). AFAIKnow, rather than phone, it may be enough just to send an email to her if you hope to turn up.

PM me for that email or you can find it under May 5 dates here:



From Carolyn, some of the toons to be played attached.

I will delete these from here in a few days so they do not go walkabout, so may I suggest anyone interested download 'em now.

For some of these toons if you want the sound rather than the dots you can find some on Yt or for Keswick lassies here:





See Tunes

for dots etc of I am a Lakeland Fiddler = song about William Irwin by Alan Bell

(for those who don't know him he is

Chair of NW Folk arts development Agency Folkus,Director of the Fylde Folk Festival etc

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