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Amboyna plus... what?

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I've just been preparing the ends of an amboyna Aeola tenor/treble for re-finishing, and I notice two things that had escaped my attention until now. First, the burr amboyna on the raised ends is not really the lovely red/orangey colour that we're all accustomed to seeing. That colour is actually imparted by the French polish - remove it, and you reveal a much more golden-yellow colour. (Yes, I know that burr amboyna comes in both colours, and no doubt several in between, but if you wanted the red colour, why not use the red veneer?)


Secondly, the veneer on the frames of the end covers and action boxes is quite different - beautifully figured, with a very fine wavy grain, but definitely not burr amboyna. It is also a completely different colour - this time, it really is a lovely orangey-red. I suspect it may be yew, but does anyone else have firm information, or a better idea?

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