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Wanted: Bellows or old concertina with working bellows.

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I have an old Italian inexpensive 20-buttonconcertina whose notes are in-tune and sound great, and the button mechanismsare built well enough to last another century. The bellows have holes in thegussets. I have been working on a way to replace 2 of the gussets andpatch the others but it would be a lot easier to just replace the wholebellows.


So, I need bellows whichare hexagonal, with each side of the hexagon measuring 4 inches. Ifanyone has bellows that size lying around that you can sell me, then please let me know.. Also, if you happen to have aconcertina that has good bellows of that size, but is unplayable for otherreasons, then maybe I can buy that from you, then use the bellows from that.





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