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Anglesey Folking About 2012 -

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Some underandoverthetop racket through the hatch from the other bar...........


There may be one or two repetitions of the same play as I may have mixed up various bits which were recorded across three days and... I could not record everything.

Intrestin' too how much good instrumental accompaniment of voice there was.....

Three items of extra interest:


2hrs46 TomB virtuoso piece on small whistle-- title?

3.42 Duet Athol Highlanders on Hohner Highlander George Garside and asst.

The double-sided Hohner Highlander harmonica has a special note on its A side (D key on the other side) to match Scottish bagpipe chanters.

You should be able to hear flutes joining in as well as tinas, melodeons and classical guitars

3.46 GG My Home harmonica duet with asst. on Hohner Highlanders and with flute


4.21 Mr Happy Last rose of summer.



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