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The George Inn April 2012 - audio only

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And a fine performance by one of our very own composer/players who has been Drink(ing all the)water* and turning us into a droughtzone with his (super)

"Gardiner's Delight" just before the standpipes were put in... :lol:

At 1hr 33min. And before or after that one, perhaps two more tunes by the same Verbaltwistmeister.... but not sure of the titles but I hope he will tell us despite his usual overmodesty. :) :rolleyes:


* yes I was wrong - a pint of lemonade is only GBP 2.40, not four quid (as opposed to watered Chris-cordial which is 80 pence a pint.

Tho half a pint of lemonade in a pint of shandy works out at about 3.90 for a pint of lemonade equivalent. I dont know whether that is what is classed as a Mexican Tequila standoff on who owes what to whom but.........

Pint of shandy on Anglesey was GBP2.75........... :)


But down with the wine and on with the music!


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