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Wheatstone appraisal

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Hello folks.


I wondered if anyone could tell me where we could get our Wheatstone English appraised and valued.

It's serial number is 24343, I believe this puts it pre 1910. The box is quite battered but the instrument itself looks like it's hardly ever been used at all.

I do have some pics if anyone can help.


Many thanks,






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Britain's leading concertina dealer said, three years ago, of Wheatstone Aeola English concertinas in general (which is what you have) http://www.concertina.co.uk/English-Concertinas.htm "Virtually any decent Wheatstone Aeola (8 sided) would be £3000+....". But understand that is a dealer's selling price in good restored condition, as a private seller you would get a bit less, and in current economic conditions the market may be a bit weaker. Any concertina that has not been in use for some extended time, even one that looks in mint condition, will require servicing to get it into good playing condition, which would likely be around £300 if you had to commission an reputable repairer to do it, assuming no serious problems - and for a concertina of such quality you really need a reputable repairer's name attached to any work done on it to maintain its value. Mike Acott is a leading example of such a reputable repairer.

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