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Why did he struggle to learn it?

Paul Read

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Nice one Jim. Better not say anything, duets usually sell for less......

On a technical point (no need for two-page response Jim :rolleyes: ) are the bass notes handled the same way as on a standard organ?

Presumably the ankles use locally made, stainless steel SKF bearings for maximum articulation to cope with pieces such as this:


of course the duet opens up other possibilities:



I was looking first for someone only doing the footwork on my favourite, Widor's toccata, but praps this is as good as it gets....I cannot match Leo's search skills.


And for those wondering how to add a few notes/stops to expand their boxes (I see there is a tremulant too!) there is a fair choice here in the technical spec of that Дом Музыки organ

http://www.gg-organs.com/eng/projects/moscow_stoplist.htm :ph34r:

They say it's the biggest in Russia and I wonder whether Macy's still has the biggest in the world

(skip the ad!) Edited by Kautilya
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