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Looks Like an Aeola Scam

Paul Read

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Has all the signs. Also, subject to checking my files, I think this is one I bought a few years back.

Scan Aeola


Some may be interested to know that this instrument will be appearing in the Toronto production of War Horse in the coming months (the stand-in music man will be playing it).

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Seems to have disappeared - and the link is off too!

But thanks to all that profiling going on ebay has found you the perfect match as an alternative purchase for a similar item via your link!!! And only 125 quid at that. :D


Item 320878815892 is no longer available.

50 items found similar to '

Vintage Wheatstone concertina Aola squeeze box






BTW so we dont lose the discursive power of the human mind on spotting and recalling these scams next time they pop up: I just did alt/print screen, opened a Word doc and Ctr V to paste it into the Word doc, saved and attached below. simples.

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Your right this was a scam and I too recognized it from a craiglist posting several months ago. So I thought I'd play this further. He was asking a "buy it now" price of either $1500.00 or 1,800. so I offered this contingent on me picking up the concertina in person and exchanging the funds for the concertina. He wrote back saying that he wants to sell it through ebay so that they will get their percent of the sale. yada yada. Almost the same time I got an email from ebay telling me it was removed. I sent them a copy of the email I received from him. So I hope they are able to do something with it.

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