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Anyone Else Going To Eigse Mrs Crotty?

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I also know that Jason Rice,Mark Bazeley and Rob Murch from Dartmoor are attending (...) They went last year and very much enjoyed themselves.

Perhaps we can have a jar together. Are there any photos of them (or you) from last year on the web site? This is what I look like: (the hairy one)


Cheers Jonathan

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Hopefully Stephen Chambers will have finally got there after being en route from Dublin for months... :)

I sincerely hope so too Jonathan, but things have not gone too well so far. I have just returned to Dublin, from Kilrush, this evening, having seen the price of the house I am trying to buy (since last December !) rise by 25% in the last two days alone. Still, at least I have a temporary flat and shop down there, rented off Kevin & Rebecca at Crotty's Pub.


Mine's a pint of Guinness, if you're offering.


Cheers !

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