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English or Duet concertinas in San Diego?

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Hi! I am a musician in San Diego & I'd like to start playing either an English or duet concertina... I haven't decided which, mostly because I haven't had a chance to try out either style. I understand the basic differences between the two styles, but I'm not sure which will "feel" right. Are there any musicians in San Diego who play these instruments who would be willing to meet & give me a better idea of what each of these instruments are like to play? Or is there a storefront in the area that carries these instruments? I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!


~ Mr. Tree

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The San diego concertina club is meeting this weekend:




(I found the info under cnet's public announcements)


Short notice (They meet March 25th) but if I were you I would move heaven and earth to get there. There are likely to be players of several different systems and more advice than you can probably handle. There is no substitute for putting your hands on a concertina and seeing in the flesh if it might be the type you would like to be playing.


And it sounds like it could be a fun gathering. I hope you can make it.



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There's a lady in the SD club (who I believe helped start the club?) named Mary B. who (i believe) started on English and had just switched to Crane Duet. You might ask her opinion of the differences. i did the same and am much happier on Duet. But, as my wife says, "Each to their own bad taste!) :P

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Mr Tree,


I have sent you a PM with my address and the information about the meeting.


Thanks to everyone who told him about our group.


Saguaro-squeezer is correct. I have played the English concertina for 16 months and the Crane duet for 3 months.

I like both of them, depending on the type of music I wish to play.

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Kind of on topic, but I saw Mr. Tree there, with Mary's duet in front of him, and a smile on his face. I think I know what his preference is! It was a good meeting, with one person coming from far away Orange County.


When formed, I thought that the club might attract two or three people. We were seven that day! I hope to be at more meetings in the future.


Russell Hedges


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