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Mozart Horn - Request for Dirge


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Which trad. jig was it based on?

I smell a rat-trap.......!. :rolleyes:

Re-read your own post from October 24, 2009 (see... my memory's still holding up. That's a song u owe me at Grinton...:D


That was sharp.


It does sound sort of 'hijacked' doesn't it?


(It's not the posthorn gallop,Mike, that goes sort of dadadadadadadadaDaDeDaDeDaDeDAAAAH)

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Talking about horns and trumpets in this thread I was just about to post some disappointing news - I have just discovered Maurice André the stunning baroque trumpet player who started work as a coalmining teenie died in Feb.

Great inspiration for many 'wind' players'

I like the Karajan quote here that 'He's undoubtedly the best trumpet player, but not of this world' and encouragement for Dirge to luxuriate in slower tempo when some say faster...


"...now sound inflexible, with dirge-like tempi for slow movemments. But at this time this style of playing was thrillingly new and original."



lots of his performance include pieces which have super and simple melodies in them which many of us know and I would think should be repeatable on even on a 20b box -- such as that in the Queen of the Night from Mozart's magic flute. (you can hum the orchestra bits!)


starting at 1.05 Vivaldi - Trumpet Concerto in A flat


and for a bit of the old bellows tremolo shaking

"The Prince of Denmark's March"



Wonder if a D tinwhistle could cope with this - toon is easy

Telemann Concerto in D Major - Adagio


Maybe here a challenge for Pauline and the Dutch maestri at Grinton for three concertinas - to match some of their mediaeval/orchestral playing last year on the Friday arrival afternoon.





Ave Maria




The Brandberg (and they all using dots!!!) tho the fiddler looks as though he needs an alka-seltzer.....


and again but using echoing St Pauls

Jeremiah Clarke. Trumpet Voluntary or 'The Prince of Denmark's March



some exercising scales here for practice on box

Carnival of Venice (Arban):


and for our expanding corps of jazz players

Maurice André & Dizzy Gillespie • Manhã de Carnaval



and a deady easy Gloria in Excelsis Deo here



There are lots more out there to suit your mood and box! :) :)

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