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Lachenal tutor EC


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Now that my Jowaisas-restored Wheatstone is getting all of my attention, I thought I'd see if I can get my Lachenal into the hands of somebody who will appreciate it.


It's a standard wooden-end, brass-reed, 1920-ish (#53790) tutor English concertina. Obviously not the highest-quality instrument in the world, but it's in good condition as far as they go. The pads, valves, reeds, action, and (5-fold) bellows are all functional.


It's tuned to A=435, about 20 cents flat of A=440. It's mostly in tune with itself - there are perhaps half a dozen reeds that are noticeably out. If you can avoid those notes and aren't playing with other instruments, it's playable as is.


It comes in its original hexagonal wooden box, which has a handle and a key.

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Johanna, I smiled to myself when I read your post. My first concertina was/is a Lachenal Tutor brass reed which was restored beautifully by Greg. I followed up with a Wheatstone steel reeded instrument also restored by Greg. Needless to say Greg did a fantastic job with both. My third "adoption (for a fee) was a Metal ended Lachenal Edeophone steel reed (waiting to go see Greg for some minor tweaking). You know I love them all but I find myself reaching for my "Mr. Mellow Solomon" Lachenal a majority of the time. I just love his warm tones and fingering. But they all have their time and place and fit in well to my Gemini personality. Greg...told me one day something to the effect that he often thought the ideal would be to have three: a mellow brass reeded instrument (for those quite times), a steel reeded for a little more volume and a metal ended to blast the sound. (Pardon my paraphrasing Greg...you Johanna you get the drift.) I'm wanting to round out my family with a baritone. I don't think this is (another Greg euphemism)-concertina acquisition disorder. Never the less his wise counsel stops me to reflect. What a great resource he is to many of us. Stephen

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Since people are still looking at this thread, I'll note a few things:


1. The concertina is still officially for sale, until I say it's not. However, as long as nobody's buying it, I may use it as a testing ground for my concertina-tinkering technique. I will of course disclose everything to any prospective buyers.


2. What I've done so far: Replace all the valves, replace one pad that was a bit mangled (the others all seem fine), patch a few small holes in the bellows (bellows are now airtight), replace the bellows frame gaskets, and replace one endbolt (because I broke it - oops).


3. I've had the concertina since September 2011. I don't know its history prior to that. I bought it off eBay.


4. The tune I'm playing in the sound sample is (more or less) "The Fork Stuck under the Door" by John Kirkpatrick, from his album "Dance of the Demon Daffodils." I've posted the dots here. It should also be in Kirkpatrick's tune book, "Jump at the Sun."

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