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Wtb: 40-button Anglo


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I can buy a new Stagi 40-button Anglo for about $722-$850, but I'm wondering if anyone has a used one for less.


Also, I'd be interested in a used 40-button with real concertina reeds, but for under $2000. (Yeah, I know dream on, but I supposed it would not hurt to ask).




I have recently bought a 40-button G/D Bastari, and it is on its way to me from across the ocean.


But... I am still interested in a C/G 40-button. So, if you know of a Stagi/Bastari for under $600, or something with real concertina reeds for under $2000, I am still interested. (Maybe in 2004, I might be interested in a more expensive one.)


- Alex C. Jones

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