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EATMT Melodeons and More

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I've been asked by my friends at the East Anglian Traditional Music Trust to post up the following notice:


Just to let you know that there are still some spaces available in the concertina workshops on the Melodeons and More day on 24th March, organised by the East Anglian Traditional Music Trust.


The event takes place, as usual, in Mendlesham in mid Suffolk, and as well as the workshops there are trade stalls, sessions and an evening Squeezebox Special concert.


Places are available in the following classes:

· "Putting Life into your Music" (concertina only) with Martyn White (morning)

· "Tunes with Space" - schottisches and waltzes (melodeons and concertinas welcome) with Gavin Atkin (morning)

· "Private Parts and Major Chords" (concertina band) with Gavin Atkin (afternoon)


The evening concert features Issy Emeney, Gavin and Julie Atkin, Matt Quinn, Ed rennie and Alex Goldmsith, and tickets are available separately or you can combine with a workshop ticket for the best value.


Full details, ticket prices and a booking form are on the website at www.eatmt.org.uk If you’re interested, don’t delay, as some of these classes are nearly full.


I've not been to this event for a year or two, but I've always enjoyed it when I have attended.


Best wishes,


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EATMT - Showcase - March 2012


The melodeons are at the beginning of the clip. I just started it later with the concertinas. Nice concert.



Leo B)

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