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help !” flabby short flutter? valves ?

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Hi Guys i,m getting a ” flabby short flutter? Just before the low G on the push ? then it sounds clear


Question:should the valves be flat to the pan at rest as I’m thinking the noise is the valve slapping back as it’s not perfectly flat at rest ?


Question: If it takes three concertina players 1 hour to fill a bath using 2litre buckets of water and six accordionists 2 hours to fill a bath using 500ml jugs of water

Why doesn’t someone just turn on the tap!




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Valves! Yes flatten them by stroking or pulling them straight or better replace the offending ones. The big ones are often more prone to farts and warbles.




If the noise is between the two notes on one key when played in turn by reversing the bellows without lifting the finger off the key, then the offending valve is the one opposite the first note and beside the second note. If it happens during the note it is the valve beside the note.



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Hi Geoff many thanks for the info I think I will replace the offending little devils LOL

Is it a specific kind of leather?



Yes a specific leather; that of Hair Sheep ! You can get the valves ready cut to shape and size from


www. concertina-spares.com (think that is the address) .

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