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Jones 56key EC

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Attached are some pics of a Jones 56-key EC that I have coming soon onto my resto bench.

Here are some details:


- 56 keys

- E-e'' (extended both up and down from standard treble - down to E below middle C)

- serial number 2 (stamped into reed pan, bellows frame and action board)

- steel reeds


The instrument will need quite a bit of work to bring up to playing condition.

But the bellows are in reasonable nick and the reeds have only surface rust.

The action board on one side has a crack between pad holes.

All end bolts and receiver plates are shot and will need to be replaced.

Also, someone at sometime has butchered the attachment of the metal end plates - this will need to be corrected.


What do we know collectively about Jones' ECs?

I'm intrigued by the serial number - ones I've seen in Horniman & concertina museum are much higher than this.

I'm wondering whether this may be prototype.


The open fretwork on this instrument I think is super, and is quite clearly hand-cut.


Given the reputation of Jones' reeds this instrument may well turn out to be great when playing again.



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