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LIDL CONCERTINA BAG - but twice cost of ALDI uk


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LIDL have joined the padded concertina bag market but alas at twice the price (19.99)of ALDI they probably won't be squeezing the competition.




last year in August at ALDI:



so m

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I just bought a Lowepro Nova 180 camera bag for my Wheatstone 58 key MacCann. It fits pretty perfectly and allows sufficient space to hold some cds and odds and ends in the other pockets. Feels almost custom made.

Nice, but they are 40 to 50 quid (against 9.99 for when Aldi brings out next offer. (I already have five Aldi ones..........and I know they also accomodate small melodeons such as Preciosa, Liliput, Pokerwork)and for the instrumentalists I know someone whose Aldi one accomodates 20b Lachenal,one 4xKreuzwender,seven full size, boxed, tremolo harmon., two medium (g & c) Lee Oscar type harps, boxed 12 harp set) one doublesided (G and C)medium harmon. Highlander A/D, triangle, hand cymbal, seven tiny to big screwdrivers, two small and one large pliers, one pin extractor,cleaning cloth,foot square glove leather piece for bellows patching,sellotape, safety pins, glue, mini-ocarina, D tin whistle, sweets,lighter,mini recorder, mini speaker, mini-player, spare AAA batteries, e-tuner and a map and mini torch to locate the items!At a push Ihave seen a palm psaltery bungee'd over the top.

And they don't even use the right and left outside net 'pockets'.

Perhaps that could work for (illicit)dot music on paper as seen in this one I stumbled on --I reckon a third bigger than the Aldino shoulder strap or carrying handles, heavier too and without a waterproof rubber bottom for wet carparks. :)



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