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What we all look like - take 2

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Mama MAMIYA, I LEICA good pun, but yer probably right. The EXPOSURE would probably change the FOCUS of the thread. CANNON we all just DEVELOP the subject at hand? Trees just LENS themselves to bad puns. I SHUTTER to think of the consequences if there was a little NEGATIVE thread drift amongst friends now and then.


Oh, please, STOP this!



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Great Granddad Michael Ton[n]er as previously mentioned. About 10-15 years between these images. Granddad Daniel Toner was the youngest in the family and has not been born yet in the photo, but Francis his older brother is on the far right, known in Australia as "the Concertina Wizard" - tapes may be uploaded along with Danny material soon; the "girl with the amazing voice" - Maggie [alias Peggy] Toner is there in between the Tina players.






All my images were corrupted so I've made a gallery specifically for concertina related items. These two old images can therefore be seen here.

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Oh well,

with my 48 Crane. Taken a few years ago but I don't think I have changed much. Picture courtesy Wes Williams.





Ah, a chance for a moving portrait for a change and with talkies and music ! == and here he is, alive alive O! ....Well Kathleen O!


:) :) :)

And stringing em up


And bleeding for his art and how to remove a reed pan for beginners


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post-6972-0-21744100-1331912629_thumb.jpg Haven't got recent one of me with concertina...but here's me dancing charleston/lindy.


You have blown your cover and will now be recognised worldwide.


If I wear that skirt I will. ;) Its hand made one of a kind...I sewed it myself.

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Photos of my granddad Danny playing will be on the way shortly.


Meanwhile here's some from Scotchmusic.com here.


Here, is an old photo of him as a young man. Can anyone hazard a guess at the date?


A video clip and photo selection on its way shortly!

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Here, is an old photo of him as a young man. Can anyone hazard a guess at the date?

Show it to someone knowledgeable in historical fashions (a theatrical costume designer, for instance). These guys look fashionably dressed.


Thanks David, I'd been thinking the exact same thing. Great minds think alike!


He was born in Glasgow on 7 Jan 1918 and died there on 3 Dec 2002. He spent 3 decades in Canada from around the mid 1950s to 1980s...


Meanwhile All, please don't hesitate in trying to pinpoint the year. I'll put my head above the parapet and say 1937.


Will post back if/when I get an informed date estimation.

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Hi all,

This picture was taken a few months ago. It's the group in which I participate by playing my concertina. It's sometimes a wonder how the sound of a fiddle, uileann pipes and concertina can melt together as if you hear only one instrument!


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Here's myself plus Crane, with my wife Carole on tenor cornamuse, at the Loaded Dog Folk Club, Sydney, Australia, September 2011. Photo by Bob Bolton.





I played at "The Dog" on the same night, though not concertina.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening, and great to meet and hear Andrew and Carole.

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I've added a caption on my granddad's wartime photo here.


Interesting how he'd amazing strength in his fingers from his vocation.


Another similar route to finger strength would be mountaineering.


I wonder if such strength made a difference to his incredible concertina playing ability (?)

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