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7th Annual Charles Wheatstone Memorial Mornington Crescent Game

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Lambeth North


Lambeth North with no double back-whumping?? Either he's lost it entirely, or his plan is far too subtle for me.


Edgware Road

Ah - but you forget that Triple Back-Whumps are wild between Old Surrey boundaries and the City of Westminster!


Lambeth North



Can I just smugly say - AHA!!! I quite impressed myself with that move B)

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For the less experienced, who might be tempted to view this as a mistake and wonder whatever happened to West Finchley, I should point out that Simon is using a hidden twist progression with a couple of quite novel features. Mind, the standard of play so far displayed by most players ought to be up to this rather neat stratagem.



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And a quick feint North to East Finchley. I suspect most experienced players will understand the thinking behind that move.

Good move - leads me nicely to Ruislip Gardens for a spot of tea.


Which puts me in a bit of a tight spot so I shall have to Elephant and Castle you

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Nice to see some sharply honed play as the game really gets into its swing.


Quick lateral to Hanger Lane (no choice really after Woody's epic move there.)

Applying a reversed loop, to avoid the replacement bus service, takes me for pint at Blackfriars.

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That is an interesting thought. I have recently been granted electronic access to the British Library's great Mornington Crescent archive, a great honour as you know

But not half as great an honour, I warrant, as being allowed to rummage in Samantha's drawers.

Very true. A lot of people have been there over the years and the procession of visitors has resulted in some signs of wear and tear, but even so I'll never forget my first time.


As today is the anniversary of Howard Carter unsealing the burial chamber of Pharaoh Tutankhamun in 1923 - I guess it has to be Holborn for the British Museum

Edited by Woody
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