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Southeast Tionól

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I am happy to officially announce the teachers for the Southeast Tionól to be held in the Atlanta Georgia area during the weekend of March 30th 2012. Our website will be updated and registration details posted in a few days.


Concertina:Florence Fahy. Back for the third straight year, and a pleasure to work with. Florence is an excellent teacher as well as being a fine player. No surprise really knowing that her father Martin Fahy, and neighbors Chris Droney were an influence in her playing throughout the years.


Fiddle:Seán Clohessy from Fedamore, Limerick. Seán will be joining us for the first time this year. I first met him while in Boston in 2010. Amazing player, and a full resume will post to the website.


Uilleann Pipes:Brian McNamara from Leitrim, back for a second time to our tionól. Brian is recognized as one of the finest teachers and performers in the North Connaught style of piping.


Uilleann Pipes:Michael Cooney. This Tipperary native has taught for us numerous times over the years. Michael is always welcoming to anyone with an interest in playing music, and can often be found at the center of our sessions.


I will announce any additions and updates as the become available.

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