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Concertina or harmonica?

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I was just listening to Sugar in the Gourd and heard this song... Frank Luther & His Pards - Barbara Allen, Recorded In 1928. You can hear it here:



Sounds like Anglo to me. What do you think?

Pretty sure it must have been Harmonica. He quite clearly suffered from various concertina ergonomic/physio issues....

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Doesn't he pronounce it Barbara Alien? Classic! :lol:

Barber a alien?
As in... ET needs a haircut?

I, too, think it's a harmonica.

Just (ref Londioannium elsewhere) mediaeval NorseGermanAngloSaxonNorman creeping in again, as in 21st Century

TV presenters orientating themselves before gamma rays hit from nucelar blast which will strip off their lingerey, so problematizing* their preventative attempts at adaption to the crisis. But fear not, the Queen has been coronated and all will be well for those who comprise of her nation:rolleyes:


*(Yes! From a "literary" journal which interestingly included 46 pages on "Translating Music" (lyrics and melodies from other languages into English)

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