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Kensington Concertina (or suttner) for sale

Chris Allert

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*** sold ***


I have Kensington concertina shipped to me by Dana Johnson on June 21, 2010 for sale


I really hate to part with this instrument, but i haven't spent the time with it that it really deserves, and i need to downsize and find a good home for it.


I think i'd probably end up liking this instrument more than my suttner if i took the time to break it in properly, but i have to sell one or the other.


here's what's for sale:


one kensington, built in june 2010 with the small had-rest size, new condition with case. visit www.kensingtonconcertinas.com for more about this model


a few things to keep in mind:


1. dana johnson has not accepted orders for new instruments since 2007 (please correct me if i'm wrong)

2. his current advertised price is $3000USD, (i'm guessing it will go up if he ever opens his books again)

3. i will post when i have received an acceptable offer for this instrument, and i will not sell it for less than $4500 within the next few weeks

4. i may keep the kensington if i receive an offer of over $7000 on my suttner, but i'm not sure if i'd accept this for the suttner (i'm very attached to it)

5. i can meet you in seattle or olympia, washington if you want to try the instrument (i live in olympia)


please send inquiries to concertina@morelater.com

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a few more details about the kensington in response to an e-mail inquiry:


i'm selling instrument #37


key layout:


i just checked note-for note, and everything is identical to my suttner A2 jeffries copy except:


1. push C# instead of Eb on right button 1 of right top (accidental) row


2. push high F natural instead of push high Eb on button 5 of right bottom (G) row


so other than that, the suttner jeffries chart is accurate for the kensington:



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I have a few minor corrections to Chris's post.

First, Though my health issues still require me to take things a year at a time, I am currently accepting orders with about a three year wait and a new (as Chris guessed) price of $3500 ) I plan to make concertinas until I can't any more, but can't predict when that will be, so be so advised.

I will be glad to send a pdf of the Kensington Standard key layout (the only one I do) to anyone who requests one by e-mail.

While Chris is asking more than I charge for the concertinas, He is not overcharging. I under charge because I like to make the instruments available to those who are less wealthy than some others, not because they are inferior to other concertinas that cost quite a bit more.

I will also be quite happy to make a different sized hand rest if the small one doesn't suit you. They are easy to swap out and the cost for replacements is minimal.

So here is your chance to buy one of two good concertinas now, or you can wait and pray for my continued good health. (prayers always welcome regardless)

Best wishes to all,


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Thanks Dana for the corrections and information


This Concertina is still for sale. for the kensington, i'm considering all offers above dana johnson's new price of $3500. i'm hoping to get at least $4000 for it, but i'll sell it to whoever gives me the best offer over $3500 in the next few weeks.


so this may be your chance to get a new kensington without waiting three years.

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