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Frozen Neck!

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Having read the Frozen Shoulder story next door, I felt I had to write to say that, for the past two weeks I've been suffering in some pain, from a Frozen Neck.


To combat the pain, I've been applying Deep Heat cream, 3 times a day & thankfully it is slowly getting better, but in all honesty, I doubt if the cream has much to do with that. I suppose time may be the greatest healer.


Anyway, many years ago, my Dad suffered from a Frozen Shoulder for months, & despite the best efforts of some doctors & specialists, he was finally cured, only when he visited an acupuncturist.

I saw this with my own eyes too, so if my neck pains do persist, I'll certainly be going to one myself.


Anyway, the good news is that, although I had to stop playing the Fiddle for a week, because of this pain, it never actually stopped me playing the Concertina! B)


So if you have a choice .... go for the Frozen Neck! :P




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HEllo Dick, I had a trapped nerve in my neck a year ago it was so bad I could not work, after going through all the NHS routines and private physio, osteopath etc I went to a Chinese doctor and with manipulation, cupping and accupuncture in a month I was cured and my neck has not felt this good in years.Give it a go but it takes a lot of treatments and a few hundred pounds but well worth it. Good luck, Bazza.

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