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Numbers of the various Wheatstone Models?


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hi dick,

I've got a rare 'big beastie' as well.....Its a baritone however not a baritone treble.Its got raised metal ends ,with intricate cut fretwork, a flat reed pan( geoff start salivating :) ) and basically looks like a big early model 22...its number 22890 ish.I think its a model 27?


Mmmm .... Lucky You! B)


My first English was actually a beautiful #22.

However, I found the notes just a little on the squeeky side & much prefer working with the more mellow tones you get from the bigger beasties.


That's why, if I ever go for a Treble again, it'd have to be a wooden ended one.


Horses for courses, of course .. :P 1.gif




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