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My new Suttner

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Simply amazing are the first words out of my mouth. My Suttner A4 arrived via UPS well packed and ready to play. Solid Ebony, 38 key and very light. I know some have mentioned weight recently, but it is light, fast, and beautifully responsive. I feel as though the break in time will be short, and I will be totally used t it by the end of the weekend. I would also like to praise Jürgen for delivering the concertina in the timeline promised, approximately 48 months. Well, time to stop writing and get back to playing.

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C/G on this one. I have loved my Bb /F from Jürgen since I got it in 2006. It was the instrument I chose to record with because of the tone. This new one is stunning, maybe even better than the Bb /F for the overtone structure. I really love the solid ebony sound.


Hey, congratulations Lawrence. B)


I could shout SNAP! ... because I collected my own 2009 A2 C/G Suttner just last weekend, so I know exactly how you are feeling.

Although, perhaps not quite, because I managed to pick mine up 2nd hand, so I didn't have those four years of building anticipation to enjoy. ;)

Also, I've never actually owned or played a Suttner before, so I came very fresh to this one, but I must say I am absolutely delighted with it.


Like yours, mine too has ebony ends, but mine are actually raised which, with me being an Aeola player too, I really appreciate.


Anyway, here she is:




There are a few more photos in this ... Album


It is loud in a session, without being shrill so, to my ear at least, it blends beautifully with the other instruments. Perhaps these qualities have a little to do with those Ebony ends & who knows, perhaps even the raised element also adds something to the quality of sound.


I must get around to posting a couple of videos.




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