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New! Online Concertina Foundations course with Ernestine Healy for


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Check out the free sample lesson on the 'Free Lessons' page of the website.


Concertina foundations is a course aimed at the player who already knows how to play the concertina but who wants to learn or improve on the basic foundations of concertina playing. These foundations include the use of alternate fingering patterns, basic grace-notes, an introduction to chords, double noting and variation.

Most of the tunes taught in the course are picked from the repertoire of common session tunes enabling the learning concertina player to go to local music sessions and join in with confidence knowing that he/she will have tunes in common with other musicians.


Each lesson will feature a new tune. After teaching the melody phrase by phrase, Ernestine demonstrates how and where to incorporate ornamentation and various other techniques.

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Yes - I am finding it very helpful for me as a beginner. The new course starts from a more basic level than the existing course that has been on the site for a few months.


The sheet music for the tunes is provided and Ernestine plays the tune slowly enough for a beginner to follow what she is doing. She discusses alternate fingering and introduces ornamentation in virtually the first lesson which I found to be very interesting ie ornamentation and variation are taught from the outset. As is usual for all the courses on the site, the quality of the videos is excellent. When you sign up you get access to all the courses and materials.

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