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I've been "playing at" playing my Anglo CG 30 Wheatstone for some time and can't seem to get into the chord business. Any suggestions however simple or complicated will be much appreciated.

Hi BlueJack,


My older brother Tom plays Anglo and when I started, he gave me three pieces of advice to learn to play Morris and American fiddle tunes.


1. Melody on the right, accompaniment on the left... most of the time.

2. Play the melody notes long, accompaniment notes short... most of the time.

3. Learn the chords and melody at the same time. Don't figure out the melody then try to add the chords later. That does not work because there is no single way to play either but they both have to share a bellows direction. Melody and accompaniment have to work together and sometimes compromise for the common musical good.


One added difficulty and pleasure with the concertina is that you have so many choices to make about the chords. Not only what chord to play but which notes and when. As you make those accompaniment choices, I advise you to keep it simple. I almost never play more than two left hand buttons at the same time.


"Sure" you say, "but what do I actually do"? I could show you in an hour on skype. Click here to read about taking a lesson with me.

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Jody is the "king" of chords! And I personally recommend and vouch for the quality of his Skype lessons!

Hi Blue Jack. Greetings from London UK. Will second the thoughts above re Jody K. Top bloke and a great tutor. As a Duet player, I can't really help with the Anglo. But If you have a 30 Key Wheatstone....! Wow! I have heard some magnificent stuff from instruments like that. All the notes are in there, my friend...You've just got to find them (preferably in the right order!) Get in touch with Jody Pronto. (and say hello from me!) Good Luck.


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