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OK, it's time to sell my first concertina


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Aw, shucks, guys ...

but this isn't supposed to be about me, it's supposed to be about selling my concertina.


It sounds to me it is in good hands.


No not really, because I'm no longer playing it, except to get it out and give it an occasional blast (they sulk if you ignore them for ever you know). I'm only playing the new one now, because the two 'tinas feel so different from each other and if I get used to one the playing on the other suffers.

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Having built up confidence in playing my new concertina, I've decided it's now time to put my original one up for sale.


It's a 64-key 'New Model' Lachenal Maccann duet, dating from about 1898, with raised wooden ends and steel reeds (concert pitch). Range is middle-C to high-G (2 and a half octaves) on the RH end, with the LH end the same but an octave lower. I played it regularly for about 12 years before I got my new, bigger, one and it is in tune with all notes playing. There is a very small amount of cosmetic damage on the outside, although the bellows are fine and it has a very nice tone. I have the original Lachenal case, but this is in poor condition and I had a new padded case made for it - both of these are included if desired.


I had an expert independent valuation of £2000 but would take a reasonable offer. I was also advised as a point of interest that the concertina may originally have been an exhibition model, as the size and layout does not seem to be particularly common.


Anyone here likely to be interested, or know someone who might be? Otherwise I guess it's going to be Ebay or a dealer.

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I see that it's been a few months since you decided to sell. I presume that you have now sold it. if you have not, please let me know.



I am sure Tony, himself, will get back to you on this, Ron, but the concertina is still for sale. I saw it in person at the recent West Country Concertina Players tuition weekend in Somerset, with a price tag of £2000, negotiable on it. Esteemed concertina maker Colin Dipper, who is one of the organisers of this splendid weekend, told me that it is a very good concertina, and you can't get much higher praise than that. I have recently been loaned a 57 key Wheatstone Maccann duet to try out, otherwise I might have been interested in buying it myself.



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