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Yay! Received My 1st Newsletter & Goodies From Ica

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Very happy today to receive my first mailing from the ICA.


Lots to look over, lots to play! I see there's one composition that I've wished I had a concertina arrangement for -- 'Melodie' by Rubenstein (or, sorry, if that is Rubinstein, with an 'i' not an 'a' -- I don't have the copy with me!). I think it's the same one ('Melody In F,' though, put into 'G,' here). It's one of the first ones that I worked out on my piano-accordion after years of not playing.


Anway...I'll be busy...glad I got these new reading glasses...

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At last ..... someone pleased with the ICA mag. Is this a record?

I'd much rather have it than not.

Good stuff in there.


I think that many -- maybe even most -- ICA members are quite pleased to receive it and its contents. The fact that they're not as vocal as a few complainers is certainly no proof that they don't like it.


When sitting down to a meal, I sometimes tell my host(ess), "If I don't compliment you on the meal, please be assured that it's because I'm too busy enjoying it to think of speaking." A similar statement could apply to Concertina World.


Edited to correct typo.

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