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Martin Carthy On Bbc

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Yesterday evening/night I zapped the TV and by coincidence I ended up with a one hour documentary about Martin Carthy. There was a lot of English Folk & Country music, Morris dancing and even some concertina playing.Enjoyed every minute of it.

To the C.Netters across the other side of the North-sea I must say that you are priviliged with a such a champion of Folk and Country music!


He had BTW a very nice one-liner to think about in relation to the way a folk tune can be played: "The only way you can seriously damage a folk tune is not playing it at all!!"


After the English Country Music Weekend and this documentary I am really going to like this English Country Music!!

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I had to miss that because I do not watch TV except occasionally when visiting others.


Meanwhile, his daughter Eliza has a series running on BBC Radio 2 on Wednesday evenings at 10:00, covering the period from the folk revival from c.1960 onwards. I believe last Wednesday was the first of four.




john Wild

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I thoroughly enjoyed the TV programme that Henk mentions. From a concertina point of view the only sad thing was Martin did not specifically mention his long collaboration in various projects with John Kirkpatrick (although Swarb [violin] got an honourable mention). Still an excellent programme.


There is quite a regular mix of english folk now on BBC4 (TV) such as June Tabor, Eliza Carthy, Nick Drake etc. There has also been some bluegrass, jazz and blues - but no concertinas spotted!


It's just always on at a weird time like 11:30 pm. Still at least we have it.

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