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Godfather Theme

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Are you acquainted with the approach of our member Randy Stein on that tune?




Always liked this freely playing a lot...


B.t.w., feel like your gently done "As Time Goes By" might inspire me trying some jazz myself... :)

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My internet connection is playing silly buggers at the moment. ABC and PDF attached (I hope!)


I'm not sure if it's complete...


Later: The two attachments are no longer available - I don't know why? In any case, they've been superseded by 'better' efforts - down below somewhere...


RogersTuneBook-Godfather.abc Theme from The Godfather.pdf

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On 1/5/2023 at 7:24 PM, Gregor Markič said:

I found and stitched together something better- at least in the right key. Still missing the whole score

Yes. A word of explanation. For those who haven't stumbled across it before, that ABCEdit database is a bewildering collection of ~25000 tunes - containing many (exact!) duplicates; many tunes containing 'wonky' ABC; many strange (and incorrect) key signatures; many bizarre attributions of country of origin; and so on... An encyclopaedia of all the ABC coding practices deprecated in Dr. Gonzato's manual, in fact. There are also many cracking tunes in there (which I haven't seen elsewhere). My (self-appointed) task is to salvage what's salvageable, but that 'Godfather' I posted was at best, on the limits of being salvageable.


Here's my take on Gregor's improved version. I separated it into two tunes (for my own 'administrative' reasons), and ditched the second voice in the Waltz (I'm pretty 'insecure' when dealing with Bass clef!). I added chords to the Theme - 'just for ducks'...


Later: I forgot to supply a link to GG's manual! Now inserted.

godfather-X78.pdf godfather-X78.abc

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