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Radio interview w. concertina history


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Not sure where to put this, as there is mention of repairs, but I'd say the history bit is the most important.

The man interviewed (80 yrs old) tells about his mother who was one of the "unknown concertina players of Clare" at the time.

Interview starts around 1:22:00 into the show.


If this doesn't work, go to http://clare.fm, click on Sounds->Trad Music and choose "Wednesday 13th October".


Note, these podcasts are only available for a week, so download if you want to revisit:-)

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Lovely interview and a fascinating glimpse of the kind of unknown grassroots players who really are the backbone of the tradition.


Intriguing details on how she used goose quills to make springs for the concertina, and I love the way the old lad pronounces reeds 'raids'!!


Thanks Snorre...



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Tech question. I'd like to save an MP3 copy of that interview for future reference (I'm deep into a study of early Anglo players in Ireland, England, Australia and S Africa). How do I do it, or if someone has already done it could they perhaps email it to me?


Many thanks!

Dan Worrall


ps. Thanks so much for pointing this out!

Edited by Dan Worrall
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