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French group workshop/concerts Oct28/29 2011


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This came up on the 'other side' and produced some other info too so just reproducing it here:


I've just seen that there are various concerts and workshops hosted by the aforementioned group (Bandabe(accute e)ro)in St Albans http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/alimac/ at the end of the month.

I've never heard of them and can't find any info or clips of them on the World Wide Wait.

They have a myface account (or is it bookspace?), but I can't get any sounds to work.

The guy who leads it is called Dominique Forges.

Has anyone ever heard of them?


Turns out he is the composer of La Sansonette (see below)



Intrestin - (:)

May send a droid to check em out on wednesday.... only a short run unless it's rainin.


P2C2E reports:

Bandabero are from Nevers which is twinned with St Albans so it is a musical visit under their town-twinning and they are doing other venues around "the South".

e.g.Norwich (South??!!) http://s260080257.websitehome.co.uk/pat/



concert Fri 28th 20,00, 10 quid REdbourn Village Hall (AL37LW) incl tickets on the door or www.allaboutstalbans.com

Sat 29th Musicians workshop 1400-1600 15 quid St Julian's Church Hall AL12HX

1730 Frrench dance workshop Frances Bacon School AL1 5AR 3 quid followed by Dance at 20.00 9 quid.

The French players come with accordion, bagpipes, fiddles, hurdy gurdy etc

If this is them then accordion looks like diatonic melodeon

(I think we hit this toon at The George more often than we can recall....)


La sansonette


Contact for St Albam's events Alison McFarlane (melodeon, tina, whistle player)

tel: 017







The weekly Wed. 21.00 session (under the link from Yoda) at the White Lion in St Alban's was welcoming. They played mostly Irish (fast and furious) which is their thing, with interest in Country Clare and a lot in D. One, (my-speed) slow toon (Fanny Power), and some players have other non-Irish toon interests.


Several fiddles, mandolins, low D & other whistles, one and half melodeon's (mistkenly thinking the Forgeit would be Frenchy I took a C/F), one and half tinas, three bodhrans, one banjo and a Swan chromatic.

Camra pub.

Pint of shandy 3.10 (bar tried to swizzle stick the fizz out of the lemonade which just kills a shandy - like removing bubbles out of the tonic before adding gin!)They said they had trouble filling glass without 'wasting beer.......(they need to learn from The Ship in Whitby, the pub on the hill in Istalyfera, Fox shandy special at ECMW Brightlingsea etc etc).

Grub (untested): starters 3 to five quid. Mains 6.50 to 11 quid.

Nice pub garden. Dogs and cats allowed.

Quiet inside too with various board games underway and some kind gentlement had a jug of beer put on the players' table.


Parking is on one saide of a one way residential street (luckily found one space) but perhaps more spaces nearby. Parking controls to 20.00


There are four of five other (weekly or monthly)sessions around the region, (such as Dunstable) including The Farmer's Boy in St Albans on Sunday evenings, http://www.beerintheevening.com/pubs/s/17/1783/Farmers_Boy/St_Albans


There is a "Free Folk Day" on Sat 5th November 2011 at Lower Red Lion,Fishpool St Albans, play, sing or tell stories

1400to2300 AL3 4RX,



Alison McFarlane (remember: melodeon, whistles, tina) is also the contact for New Roots awards - free to enter and some prizes for young musicians (folk, world etc etc) with under 18 and 18-24 categories.




Dont know if this info may be useful under another thread.... ???

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