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Mexborough Concertina Band

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Anybody remember this LP record? Mexborough English Concertina Prize Band by Nigel Pickles?


I still have the LP, but was wondering whether it was available as a CD, or MP3?





The last time I looked it was not available other than as a second-hand vinyl copy. I got a copy taped from someone's vinyl after asking Nigel Pickles' permission, which he happily gave because it wasn't available any other way.


The Mexborough Quartet LP is an interesting one too.

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The Quartet record was not as good as the original (IMHO), which was all the one player multi-tracking himself (as it were|).


It started a bit of a Concertina Band Revival in the 80's and 90's which is still happening. If you want to play this stuff (and apparently all the Mexborough Band's music was parts cut out of Brass Band Magazines - so it's Brass Band repertoire) sign up for the concertina band sessions at Concertinas at Witney, or go to Kilve or Squeeze-East at Stamford, or some of the local groups, like West Midlands Concertinas at Stourbridge, or Yorkshire Concertinas (Huddersfield or Otley, I think). You need to be able to sight-read moderately well, and it's mostly English system, but there are one or two anglos about (me for one). We use Basses and Baritones as well as trebles, and you can usually borrow these if you don't have one (and basses are like hen's teeth). Most of the arrangements are new, but we do use the Mexborough arrangement of Lady Florence, a polka by J. Ord Hume. The ICA should have details of all these events and groups.


Nick Oliver

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