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Wheatstone C/GH Anglo on eBay


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............I played this anglo once........did anyone else ?


Yes - I had a go on it when it belonged to Gavin Davenport. It was very nice, although a bit on the heavy side. Lovely tone and good responsive reeds. The extra drone buttons gave you all sorts of opportunities for rich harmonies.


I wish it hadn't been sold to the current owner, who doesn't appear to want to do anything with it other than create paranoid e-bay listings and never actually sell it to anyone who could really make good use of it. sad.gif

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This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.

well, this could also mean that gpanda and the bidder have agreed on doing the selling outside of ebay ?

Leading, for the buyier, to even less means of contesting in case of bad surprise...

Well, I suppose it could...but I think that it's more likely that we'll see Mr Panda listing it on ebay once again at some point.




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I have seen this instrument about two years ago at Chris Algar's place. If I remember rightly the extra row is chromatic ( same note push and pull ). It is a unique and fine instrument, but very odd and quite big - more of a collector's item. You definitely want much more information about it or better get a chance to play it before you buy! I forget what Chris was asking - definitely less...

I know the instrument too. I believe Chris re-built it and it's been through a couple of owners since. I wouldn't say it's a fine instrument. I owned a G/D hexagonal one with metal ends which could be it's brother. That was was indeed a fine instrument. I was sorry to see it go but it went to a good home.


The fruit loop seems to want attention rather than money for the instrument? I've dealt with him in the past and wouldn't go near him again.

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Glad people are responding to my question. My intention was to alert anyone thinking of buying this instrument that there is a body of knowledge available to them that may help their buying decision.

I was put off by the seller when I asked a few relevant (and innocuous) questions.

Recently a Tortoiseshell Aeola went for something like 8G on eBay.........but it was a vanishingly rare instrument of great beauty and probably played like a champion.

Having played this Wheatstone anglo,I think it is a vanishingly rare example and of great beauty.


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