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Tutor for 30-key EC


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Is there a good concertina tutor written specifically for the 30-key layout? I like the look of Alistair Anderson's book (and CD), but it is written with a 48-key layout in mind; he gives a lot of specific guidance as to what finger should go where, which presumably wouldn't work on a 30-key box.

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Hi Phil


Not a big deal, really. All the notes are there, within the range of the instrument. What looks like missing notes are nothing more than duplicates. For instance, the "missing" D# on the right is a duplicate of the Eb on the left. Improvise on the fingering and the tunes should all work out o.k. Here's a picture of a 30 button English:



The layout, otherwise, is the same as the 48 in the tutor, so if/when the time comes to upgrade, it will all be familiar. It's only a little restrictive, but not necessarily a show stopper.




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Thanks for that. If I compare those Jackie layouts with William Meredith's 48-key chord diagrams (an amazing resource), it looks as if the 30-key layout covers almost all the main chord 'triangles'; the only slightly awkward chords are right-hand F minor & E major, both of which need to substitute an flat/sharp with the equivalent sharp/flat from the left hand.


Now to save up for a Jackie!

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