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Flawless Rochelle wanted to buy

Shas Cho

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Now that I've sold my ukulele

I'm in the market for an as-new Rochelle.

It's important to me that the instrument I buy

has been inspected and perfected by an expert

such as Bob Tedrow or the techs at Concertina Connection

as I live in an area far too remote

to be running for help with a wonky reed

or a gasping bellows.


I'm prepared to buy a new Rochelle,

but I would consider a used one,

IF it has no functional problems.





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Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!


I truly thought I had posted the fact that I have bought cboody's Rochelle.

It has not yet arrived

though my nose is continually pressed against the window,

watching for the postman with a parcel.


It would have been very convenient to have bought yours, Paul,

as I live just an hour north of Hope,

but life is seldom that convenient, in my experience :/


I'm surprised at the lack of response to your ad-

someone will accept your offer soon, I am sure.


For the record, folks, I have made a deal for a Rochelle.

Whether 'flawless' is yet to be seen,

but the deal is done.



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Whether 'flawless' is yet to be seen,

but the deal is done.




From a slight personal experience I reckon cboody is worthy of trust. I'd be very surprised indeed if you find the deal anything less than excellent.




Thanks Pete. I hope your statement is true. I think it is anyway! ;)


And Shas: Let me know if I should try to track the thing. I would assume it should have made it to you by now unless all delivery is by dog sled...even in the summer! :rolleyes:

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Oh, I hope it didn't sound like I was questioning cboody's veracity!

That wasn't in my mind at all, at all.

I was only saying that I have not yet seen my new Rochelle,

and trying to be slightly humorous.

If I had any doubts regarding the excellence of the instrument

I wouldn't be half so eager and anxious to get my hands on it!


Cboody, if it doesn't arrive by, say, Wednesday

(today is the Thanksgiving holiday here),

I'd be glad to have you make an inquiry.

Most likely it's simply the time of year;

the dog sleds will move much more quickly after the snow begins to fall.



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