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New Carroll Concertina

Greg Jowaisas

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thanks greg and mark, it was great meeting you guys. haha, when i said throw away, i meant that i will be working really hard to get the money to pay for it, and of course i was being completely sarcastic, and view it only as a positive thing.


it will be a good motivator. i dont need a job (i want one and my parents want me to have one), but i SHOULD have one, so i can be more independent, and plan for my future . but now, that i want a carroll concertina, i do need a job. it will help focus the next 3 years of my life so that i may prepare myself for my concertina. its always better work when you're preparing yourself for something. any time i will think that i dont feel like practicing, or am too lazy, i'll have my investment looming ahead of me, and all the months / years of practice and hard earned savings to remind me what i am doing and why i am doing it.


and already its hard at work for me. my parents and i decided that i shouldnt order it til i get a job, so now i will work a lot harder to get the job than i wouldve otherwise.

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.....and still the thread survives.


It was very exciting to observe the reactions of the students in Noel's NHICS midwest class when Noel starting asking for all of the Carroll concertinas to be placed into his hands one at a time to play and compare to his Linota. There ended up being five of them in the room with my #006 as one of them. Concertinas always sound different when listening to one being played by someone else (especially Noel Hill) as opposed to listening and playing it yourself. I can still see Noel as he systematically played each one in a seemingly methodical manner for comparison. All I know is after he finished I would have been happy to have owned any one of them because they were all such great instruments.

In all there were six Carroll concertinas at the midwest camp this August. I concluded that I loved the sound and playabiliity of all of them. It is very pleasing to me to know someone like Wally that can be so focused and committed to making such great sounding instruments at such an early stage in his building career. It will be hard to improve upon such early perfection but I am sure that Wally will find away to achieve such improvements which is why I will be placing an order for another in about 3 years.



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The colour of #7 doesn't look as rich as that of the other Walnut Burl instrument.  I assume that is just the lighting for the photos?

It might be the lighting. For comparison, here's a photo of Carroll #8 (also in walnut burl) in natural sunlight:


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so... very... close... to getting #9.


Now, Roy, if you'd gone to class like you were expected to, you would probably already have that coveted #9 by now. And since you are truly a shutterbug, we expect a photo essay when it does arrive.



Ross B)

#10 and waiting

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The custom layout is one that Colin Dipper put on an 1890's Jeffries that I bought in early 2000.

It was a modified standard Jeffries layout which had a low F# in place of the d# on the push of the second button right hand accidental. c#/c# F#/e flat.

I find that I don't need an e flat on the push but that the F# there is very easy to play in the lower register triplets. It has enabled me to add quite a few songs to my repetoire that I don't think I would have been able to play otherwise. One is "Kid on the Mountain.




The reason the finish looks so much different from the burled walnut is because my #006 is Indian rosewood ended. Go to Wally's site. Mine is featured along with others that Wally has made and I think that there is also a description of the type of wood used on the ends.




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