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Aldi bag for concertina sunday aug 7th -dirt cheap 9.99

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Excellent -

Mine easily takes 20b Lachenal in main compartment( so most standard sizes of different tina makes) with large four-part Hohner kreuzwender on top of tina or my 10-small-harp carrying box on top of tina, plus triangle underneath tina) highland harmonica down side of tina.


The top zip section holds four to five large harmonicas (or a couple and the 4-part Kreuzwender), batteries in side net pockets, bottom zip holds at least four large harmonicas, screwdrivers, small pliers cough sweets (for the tina).

More mouth organs/ocarinas, recorder (as in digital), lunch in the front side zip pocket.


Been slinging mine around and dropping it for at least a year now - no probs.

Its waterproof bottom is also good for putting down on puddles (in car park, beer,.....)


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I bought two of these bags today, my 56 key tenor/treble is a good snug fit front to back and plenty of room down the side for something else. Interestingly enough if you cut the bottom out of the main compartment so it goes straight through to the moulded base you can get a Hohner Liliput/Preciosa or Castagnari Lilly in there!

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Scratch that, A Liliput fits in nicely without modification :)

Glad the tip was useful and very pleased for you and I must try it with some of the lilies from the garden!

Dont really need another and u may have seen on tv my nearest Aldi had a rather unfortunate event last night...

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The first one I bought - last year - is, strangely enough, full of fishing tackle. The small section at the bottom is quite useful for keeping bait such as ragworms. (I think I took them out last time. Not about to check...)


However, I can confirm that you can get a standard size large concertina nicely in the top section and a Liliput also fits quite well. Although not at the same time. I wasn't going to put either the concertina or the Liliput ion the one that had had the fishing tackle...


PS fitted a 180mm high German box concertina in, reckon a Rochelle would fit.

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