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Lachenals and co Concertina


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My girlfriend's family has one of these and wants to sell it.


We know it is over 100 years old because it was given to my girlfriend's great grandfather when he was a boy.


It has steel reeds, 7 folds, and 39 keys.


The name is printed on the name strap, but it has no serial number anywhere.


It seems to be in good condition, and we have the original velvet-lined box, too.


Does anyone any sort of idea what sort of price one should sell this for?


Thanks for any help.



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The first thing we (or those who have far more expertise than I) will need is photographs: both ends, a side view or two, and (if you're feeling brave, since it involves removing the ends) of the reed pans. Also, whereabouts are you? There might be someone near you who'd be willing to take an in-person look.

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This concertina looks like a Lachenal. You can see a similar one for sale on the Button Box website at the page for Instruments in Stock and see the price they are asking. The value of yours could be more or less depending on the tuning, condition of the bellows/reeds and other key parts.


Good luck,


Ross Schlabach

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