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C.net Big Band

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I cannot remember a session or even a recording session where the speed did not vary a bit.

Absolutely Al - in fact I used to always prepare for multi-track recordings by laying down a click track first, to hold everything together metronomically, until I was talking about doing some stuff with a drummer friend of mine - he turned the air blue and insisted I should "let the music breathe more". He was right, I think.


My only suggestion if anyone finds it hard to play along with less rigid rhythms is to keep going over your part with the "master" track in your headphones. If you don't fight it, then eventually you'll find yourself remembering automatically where the "hiccups" are in the master and find that you're playing exactly with them rather than against them. Being involved in multi-track recording is a funny business when all is said and done, but often great when it's all put together. :)

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I'd like to wish this undertaking all the success in the world. I'm still trying to work out which way is up on all these buttons, let alone learn proper tunes, so I won't be contributing this time. Perhaps I'll feel confident enough when the second edition is called for! Hope it all works out.


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Time off work is a wonderful thing. I've finally got round to recording a bass part for Planxty Irwin on the electric fence-post - it hasn't been out of the store-room for a good while, and I'd forgotten how much the instrument sounds like a double-bass being played by a village idiot :D


And to prove the thing really exists, and that it's not just a double-bass being played by a village idiot, I thought I'd post a photo of it too. :)


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I've been away from C.net since the summer - very busy fall - but I'm glad to hear the big band project is still alive. . . I was sure I had missed the boat. I have enjoyed learning the tunes - not that I'm ready for the microphone yet <_<


I think the whole project is worth a try, even if there are some ensemble troubles. Perhaps if tempo is a problem (I didn't notice any trouble, but I have mostly practiced on my own) a click track with a starting cue could be given - for the NEXT big band recording, of course.


Hope everyone has a great 2005. Maybe THIS year I'll make the Squeeze-In.

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It's now more than a year ago that Alan Day launched the idea of the virtual C.Net big band. We have put (with pleasure and fun!) some effort in this project and it received enough encouraging reactions to give us hope for a nice/interesting result.


However, one year later we only received one soundtrack of Maestro Stuart Estell on his "electric fence-post", playing "Planxty Irwin". As continuation of this project in this way, will cost us no effort at all, we can leave it like this for one more year.


I am an optimist (or just naive) :unsure:

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Henk and I are pleased to announce the C.net Big Band Project and the band members are all of you.


Sounds great, count me in. ..................... you did say any instrument now didn't you .......


Just go to this page to find the sound-files en some explantion. And yes.. any instrument is welcome!

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Hey, progress. I just figured out part of what I should be doing, to record something for this project.


I couldn't quite understand something...but, anyway, I used my SONY IC digital voice recorder and my computer speaker headphone plug-in, and I was able to silently record the tunes I wanted and to hear them, too, by using my headphones with the IC recorder.


I think I've got the Audacity part figured out. So...now to work on the tunes a bit.

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To save you going through four pages of writing,the idea is basically this,that you listen to the master recording on ear phones and play along with the tune, recording your playing onto an MP3,which you then send to Henk who will add it to the master.You will then be a member of the C.Net Big Band.The more players the bigger the band.

If you do not like the master tunes which were originally for a trial run,why not make a new master,but please make it within reach of our membership.

You may find this idea useful in the future, as all my recordings for the Gig CB CD was done in a studio using a similar method to that explained.


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Please don't end this project! I just discovered it this morning, and would LOVE to get involved! I can contribute the following tracks (where appropriate): concertina, bodhran, mandolin, tenor guitar.


This thread really needs to be a sticky!!! I've been on this board for six months or so and this is the first time I've seen it.

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