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Rare Lachenal Concertina English 48 Key

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Thank you to you all. I am a new member although I have been visiting the site a great deal over the past couple of months and have learned a great deal from all of you. From what I learned here YouTube, Ebay and Google searches I decided to get an English 48 key Concertina primarily to use ultimately as accompaniment for myself a tenor. I am 65 and have always wanted a concertina. My family tree history said that a Great great grandfather played the Concertina in Italy. So hopefully it is in my genes> ;-)

I won the bid this week on an English 48 key Lachenal Concertina Serial #14450. It looked to be in reasonable condition and the seller, an antique dealer in London selling for a friend said all of the keys worked and the bellows looked good. From the information I found on this site based on the serial # it was manufactured in the 1860's. I was told it was owned by a gentleman whose Great Uncle use to play it in a Salvation Army band outside of the Pubs in London. I am working on getting more history on it. So I bidded never dreaming I would win it as I could not afford the thousand plus dollars I have seen others go for. But lord and behold I did win it for $580.00. I realize she will need some restoration but I figured this was a great deal for the concertina. I am sure I will alway keep here and once I have learned to play well she will come back to life albeit doing something quite different than playing outside of pubs. I am a tenor and will primarily sing folk, musical and classical opera music. Can anyone tell me if she is a tenor, treble or baritone? I would be very interested in any thoughts you might all have.


Now knowing this Grand ole lady will need some fixing up I want to get another that would be in the correct range for me singing wise (???tenor or baritone) to learn how to play with. I have been communicating with a gentleman who has a Stagi for $370 picture also attached. He says the lowest know is C. From looking would any of you be able to tell me whether it is a tenor etc.


Thank you all so much I really have valued your wisdom and will be making a donation to the site. My email address is stephenknoll@yahoo.co I live in Tyler Texas.

Stephen Knoll






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