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What Make is this Tenor-Treble?

Paul Read

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I'm about to start restoring this English concertina for a friend. The instrument looks to be quality at first but on inspection, the metal ends are relatively cheap looking and poorly attached. However, I don't know what make it is (a good question for Stephen I suspect). It isn't a Lachenal as it has rivetted action. It has been messed about quite a bit but there is no number on it anywhere (including between the two halves of the ends). The quality does not appear to be up to that of the usual Wheatstone anyway. I'm posting a few photos and would welcome any thoughts on its likely origin. I wondered about it being a German copy but it seems a bit too good for that and I haven't seen a metal ended one before anyway. I'm looking forward to the discussion on this one!









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I just looked at the pics of the Australian Jeffries (or Crabb?). To me the action on that one and the one I'm looking at are very similar. I'm moving towards thinking it's one of these. Pic of the Jeffries attached.


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Interesting, but the reeds look different from typical Jeffries of Crabb reeds I think. Perhaps the (Wheatstone? Lachenal?) reeds and pans have had a new concertina built around them by another maker?

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The action does look similar, but the posts on the photographs of "your" concertina look a good bit thinner than the Australian Jeffries English or other Jeffries that I've seen. Impossible to be sure without a micrometer but worth checking?


Also, the shape of the rivets is totally different. I know the Jeffries family used different sized rivet snaps at different times, but maybe another clue?


None of this proves anything conclusively one way or the other, just suggests that they aren't from the same shop



Alex West

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