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Lachenal C/G 30 B - good cond, modern hard case

David Levine

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Not too much more to add to the listing description. It's number 174013.

Steel reeds that are very clean and in very good condition.

The bellows are brand new and are very well done.

It plays very nicely. The sound is bright, the reeds are responsive and are in good tune.

I took it in trade this week from an eleven year-old girl (well, from her parents) who is a lovely young player.

It comes with the better quality hard case, in new condition, with two locking clasps.

I'd like to get €1,600 ($2,300) for the instrument, plus shipping.

The concertina is sold with an offer of money back if not satisfied, less the cost of postage.

The instrument is very playable and clean, and needs no work at all. It has not been banged about.

No leaks. Everything is clean and sorted. It's a good, solid player.


Please let me know if you'd like specific pictures.



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Well David, you've got to tell us which one the parents sprung for: the Linota or the Carroll? Inquiring minds want to know!


Best regards and hope Miltown was a blast,


Ross Schlabach

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Sadly, I probably won't be able to make Miltown next year what with Noel's class coming so close behind (and that's my annual big concertina week). But I do plan to be back at the SE Tionol in 2012 in Atlanta if the concertina class returns. IMHO, Flo has been an excellent teacher and brings lovely tunes with her.


Ross Schlabach

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