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Another one on Ebay...


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Hi there,


I have stumbled across a 30 button Lachenal currently auctioned on the Bay:




Looking at the closeups, it seems to me as if the instrument is in need of restoration. I was wondering if the suggested price of $2500 is justified and realistic for that kind of concertina in that condition? Of course we'll see by the end of the auction (no bid so far), but I don't plan on following it all the way... how much would those of you who do restore and sell themselves be willing to pay for it?


I'm not the seller or (business or otherwise) related to him/her , by the way, just asking the question out of curiosity.


Thanks, RAc

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This Lachenal is probably priced more than twice what it is likely worth in it's current condition. There are always the questions of bellows condition, structure, reeds, and the other internal components that can raise repair costs. Even without bellows replacement, this instrument might need over $1,000 in work and still not be worth more than say $2,700. Look at the Button Box site and you'll see some similar models not selling at this price, showing that the seller's expectations are unreasonable.


Ross Schlabach

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I would say "No." Even at half the asking price, it would be a risky buy. There are too many things which could be wrong with it. The bellows, for starters looks like it has holes in the corners, and the leather is undoubtedly dried out and ready to disintegrate further. Lachenals are prone to excessive reed pan and action board warpage, as well. Cosmetically, it doesn't look too great, either.

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The seller wrote:


WOW! :o in that case, I'd hate to see any instrument he has, that has had a lot of use! :unsure:

Maybe the seller meant that at some point it had been used as a lamp? :ph34r:



Yes, we could do with some illumination on the matter of its condition. :)



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