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I have become more interested recently in other forms of music (do I hear shame on you?) and have reluctantly decided to sell my beautiful Andrew Norman 'ASHDOWN' Anglo concertina pitched in C/G.


I bought the instrument directly from Andrew in 2000 and, since then,have used it very little certainly never gigged or played outside a smoke free home.


As stated it is in C/G and has Jeffries finguring on the 3rd row accidentals. It come with a gig bag. I would be prepared to send free by insured post inside the UK but, as I am not too clear on postage charges outside the UK I would need to investigate if there is any interest.


Andrew's waiting list is now some 2 years at a price double this one


Yours for £650




PS FRANK MACNAMARA FROM DUBLIN HAS NOW AGREED TO PURCHASE THE BOX. Thanks to everyone for their interest. I will, of course, be making a donation.


email me at: malbabs@aol.com for pictures

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No personal interest and I don't know Malcolm Wood, but if you are one of the folk who are often asking for advice about a starter instrument, then you won't see a better bargain than a Norman Anglo for £650. Very robust, well made instruments with a smooth riveted action and fast speaking reeds. Snap it up!



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