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Bex & Arts Switzerland 12 June - 25 September 2011

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Videoclip of art project




Christina Hemauer and Roman Keller are two of the artists in the exhibition organised by BEX & ARTS 2011.

This exhibition takes place in the Parc Szilassy in Bex-les-Bains, Switzerland from 12.06.2011 to 25.09.2011.


Christina Hemauer and Roman Keller have for this project researched the background of the Hope family, founders of the estate. In doing so they came across the Wheatstone Ledgers , where Lady Louisa Hope was entered as the buyer of four concertinas between 1853/1855.

Following this discovery they did a lot of historical research and eventually connected the concertina as a portable instrument to the iPod of today.


The end result of all this is that visitors of the exhibition can borrow a headphone with an iPod at the entrance to the exhibition. This way one can walk through the parc, look at the works of the other artists and listen to the history of Lady Louisa Hope and the English Concertina, but also to music that possibly has been played in the house and park on the estate. And enjoy the magnificent Swiss landscape.


The music on the iPod was especially recorded for this exhibition on location. Music composed by Giulio Regondi, G.A. Macfarren and Bernard Molique, performed by Chris van de Kuilen, piano and Pauline de Snoo, English Concertina.

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