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Anyone with a bandoneon willing to provide some photos?

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Hi y'all,


Having completed English and Anglo concertinas for the iPad, as well as all the Hohner SqueezeBox two and three row accordion apps, I think it would be fun to release an iPad bandoneon.


Unfortunately, I don't have access to a real one to use for developing the graphics. I am hoping that I might be able to find someone would be willing to take some straight on, well-lit photos of both sides of the instrument button boards that I could use as the basis for the background image for the apps.


Please contact me if you would be willing to help me out with this.





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Hello Michael,

This is an interesting idea and, perhaps, I can be of some help.

As there are several "standard" bandonion/bandoneon systems:

Do I assume correctly that you are thinking about a bisonoric box?

Just want to be sure, as there are unisonoric systems.

Do you know which of the more popular systems/layouts you want to replicate?

How many buttons on each hand do you want to program?

Be Well,


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