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72-key MacCann Aeola

Josh Birch

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Hi, folks,


Though I've thoroughly enjoyed my latest foray into the duet world, I'm facing the fact that what I really want to be playing is my English. Maybe someday I'll regret it, but for the moment I would prefer this beautiful instrument to be in the hands of someone who will really play it.


This is a a gorgeous, top-condition 72-key MacCann Wheatstone Aeola, built in 1925 according to the Wheatstone ledgers. Everything about it is exquisite as you'd expect it to be in an Aeola of this period. The case is also in quite good condition, though I probably wouldn't hold it up by the handle for very long.


I'd like to ask USD$5000 for it, plus shipping from the western US. Please let me know if you have any questions or are interested!


If it sells here, I'll of course make a suitable contribution to C.net.







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Down to F on the left and Bb on the right unless it's a special.


Exactly, it's a standard model: F2 to C5 on the left, and Bb3 to C7 on the right.


No need to feel bad, Dirge, I'm the one who keeps getting myself into this duet business. And it *was* the right instrument -- it was 100% perfect. Just not the right player. :)

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