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More beautiful MacCanns


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Not very tempting really. They are typical 46-key Maccans of typical Wheatstone quality, which means better than the basic Lachenals, but not special quality. They don't fetch special prices because 46-key Maccans are in over supply.


The wooden ended one sold for over $810. We were not told if it is in concert pitch, or when it was last revalved and repadded, so assuming the worst on all that, then that is it is a fair price, not a bargain. Of course if it turns out that it needs no work, then it was a bargain. Personally I'd prefer to know than to gamble.


The same is true of the metal ended one, and since he has put an absurd minimum bid of $2000 on it, it will remain unsold. The only 46-key Maccann that makes such a price is a rare Aeola.

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